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Text link MLM banner clicks :: FAQ
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Help and Guidelines.

If you have questions regarding your QSubmit Banner Listings, please consult the FAQ's below. If they do not answer your question please contact support (at) with your problem. No help information is provided below for the Rapid Paid Inclusion program which is relatively straightforward. If you have questions about Rapid Paid Inclusion, use the email address noted above. To ensure a quick response regarding either program, please use a relevant subject and include the email address you submitted under, your url, any error messages you encountered and a clear explanation of your problem.

Featured Listing FAQ

Q. What is a Featured Listing?
A. We send high quality U.S. targeted banner clicks to our client websites via text link banner ads. When visitors visit one of our expired domains, our 728x90 pixels sized banner ad appears at the top of the page. Every day, thousands of domain names expire because the owners have either abandoned them or failed to renew them. Most of these expired domain names experience some traffic achieved by the efforts of the owner before he/she lost interest. We use specialist web services to alert us to domain names that have expired in the past 12 hours. We then gauge the traffic levels through other online tools. If the domain has a clearly-defined target market and consistent traffic flow, we register the domain ourselves and direct the traffic to our server. You can also join us as a publisher to add our banner at the top of the your pages. Click here to see a few samples of our domain names.

Q. How long is my listing active for?
A. Your ad will remain active unless automatic renewal is cancelled, and you will be billed every 3 months or 1 year (depending on the term you selected at time of purchase).

Q. How much do I pay per click or impression?
A. There is no pay per impression charge, just the single flat fee per listing for the amount of prepaid clicks purchased.

Q. How long does it take for my ad to be displayed?
A. Your ad will be added to our search results for the keyword phrase you selected within 6 to 8 hours.

Q. What programs are not accepted?
A. We do not accept programs that ask for quote services or require a user to give financial data. We can not and will not hold sensitive personal information. We will issue a full refund 48 hours upon the receipt of your order if rejected.

Some of the programs we do NOT accept to promote are..
- Insurance Quotes (Car, Life, Health etc.)
- Loan Programs ( Cash Advance, Payday, Auto, Mortgage etc.)
- Adult Related Offers
- Adult Related Personals (Friendfinder etc)
- Survey Sites

Q. Are the traffic packages above refundable?
A. You have 3 days to request a full refund upon the activation of your banner campaign. There will be no refund issued if you request a refund after the first 3 days.

Q. Can I order more than 2000 banner clicks monthly?
A. The size of our banner network is limited and the demand is high so we must cap the amount of clicks to 2000 monthly. We are registering new domain names to increase our inventory without affecting the quality of the traffic served.

Q. I've looked and still can't find my ad, where is it?
A. If you completed the submission of your ad and it is not being displayed in our expired domains after 8 hours, contact support (at) Please provide us with the name and email address that you used to purchase your ad as well as your URL and any order numbers we sent to you.

Title and Description Guidelines

Please review the following guidelines when selecting or modifying your Title, URL & Description choices:

1) Titles are limited to 18 characters, site Description to 60 characters and URL length to 255 characters. Character limits include spaces and punctuation. There are also limits on the number of uppercase letters that can be used.

If your destination URL link is too long for the URL form field, use a shortened version (such as your homepage URL) that is within the character limit.

2) Be concise, clear and accurate in describing your site. Your ad text and niche should directly relate to your site content. Be sure to mention the business, product or service you wish to promote.

3) Avoid repetition, excessive capitalization and superlatives that are subjective in nature like "Top Rated", "Best Service", and "#1".

4) Be sure to check spelling and to use proper grammar and punctuation.

5) Your ad must NOT have offensive or inappropriate language.

6) QSubmit does NOT accept Featured Ad listings that include content, services or products that are:

  • Pornographic or containing Adult Content; This includes sites selling adult videos and/or sex toys
  • Inflammatory, Offensive or Promoting Hate Literature;
ONE LOW FLAT FEE - Starting at Only $49!
Over 100 Million+Impressions Per Month
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