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"We use QSubmit for our own and our client’s advertising. We need to be found on the Internet because that’s where our business lies. We have used a selection of automated submitters and submission providers with second-rate results. It was only after using QSubmit’s services that traffic increased steadily and non-stop. Not only does the system work – QSubmit does the job for us and relieves the pressure of obtaining more traffic everyday."

Carl Potter - CEO for GE-Design, USA. May 05, 2007

"Some weeks ago I ordered the 700-directory submission plan. Traffic increased in just one week. The counter on our home page shows the results. We got dozens of valuable inbound links plus the possibility to promote our site. JUST AMAZING!"

Maria Marquez - Marketing Director of Universidad Popular Argentina, Argentina, April 2007

"You did a great job getting our site online. As a band, we have neither the time nor the skills to promote our site or write meaningful descriptions. We need to focus on our music. We are not sure whether the service is actually the cheapest, but we can assure you that it’s the best! QSubmit is the best place to spend a part of your marketing budget."

Walter Francia – Drums Player of AtrodiA – Instrumental Metal Band, January 2007

"Great communication, great service, great work and great prices! This first-class submitting service increased our web site in a few weeks and boosted it to the top ten Google positions. As an Internet company offering custom real cards online, remaining in the first page of the searches in the major directories and search engines is a must for us. QSubmit’s services are the best investment we have made in the last few months, and we are sure that their directory and search engine submission is one of the most cost-effective and powerful tools in the SEO business."

Jeremy Poling – CEO for Send Out Cards & Reachtoday – USA, Kansas – January 2007

"Just being indexed and getting more visits is what we as web site owners are always looking for. I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for doing such a great job. After I used your services, being in the first Yahoo and Google search pages is not a big concern any longer. I can now focus on our own duties, writing books and helping people -, as you do yours. Many thanks for relieving me of the overwhelming task of submitting my own site."
"Designing and creating a web site is a long process that should be topped by a proper directory and search engine submission. Otherwise, no one will know that your site is out there! Submission is the final step of the process of setting up your web site and it may be the most important stage of the entire process. Telling the world that we are here is inviting them to visit our site and enjoy our music. If your company can’t be found easily on the Internet, IT DOESN’T EXIST! Thanks QSubmit for making our site a success!

Omar & Diego - Musicians - 7 Bancadas Band – Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 2006

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