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It is said over and over again that creating a website is not enough to build a good business online. No matter how advanced and creative a website is, that will not help much to earn better profits. Even if the products and services in that website offer the best deal in the world, that will not also help for better income. What will help a lot for commercial websites to earn much profit is the thing called “good ranking” in the major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, or Ask. But how does having a good ranking in major search engine done?

After creating the website, the owner should submit his site online to the search engine. A certain site will be recognized as an existing site through online search engine submission. There are many search engine optimization (SEO) companies offering online search engine submission. However, many believe that paying for online search engine submission is non-sense. Whether one pays to submit his site to the search engine online or not, the search engine will certainly detect the existence of new website through crawling links from other sites. This method is actually in practice by major search engines like Google, MSN, Ask, and Yahoo.

The only problem with this kind of online search engine submission is that the search engine might take a long time before the new site is recognized. Fast recognition of one website can be done with other online search engine submission services that are paid. Anyway, these online services for search engine submission charge only minimum amount for fast and better submission of one’s website.

Another advantage of paid online search engine submission is that the site’s owner can ensure that new web pages to his website will be recognized easily and quickly by the major search engines. Meanwhile, when it comes to paid online search engine submission, site owners have two general options—whether to do it manually or automatically.

Doing the online search engine submission automatically requires a certain website or software that can do the service. The good side of automatic online submission is that the owner does not have to worry on regular submission of his site. The downside, however, is that most sites using this kind of online search engine submission are rejected. This often causes worthless investments on services and software products.

The manual online search engine submission is different from this. With this kind of online submission, the owner can ensure that his website has been submitted to the major search engines. Real humans and real professionals are expected to work on the manual online search engine submission. Therefore, better ranking through online search engine submission can be ensured.

Aside from the basic offerings of manual online search engine submission, other SEO companies are offering other side jobs for better ranking. Included to the online search engine submission is the creation of proper title and description for the site. These are helpful for the online search engine submission to become more effective in promoting a certain commercial website.

Website owners should know that not only an effective and manual online search engine submission is required to rank high in search engines. There are other factors considered other than the online search engine submission. One of these is the keywords that are on the web page. The online search engine submission should also be partnered with link building. The title and descriptions of the site should also be proper with the online search engine submission. And when all these are met, there will be more and more visitors on a certain commercial website. All these will help a lot in providing higher ranking for the website in major search engines. Of course, better sales and profits will be guaranteed with higher ranking.

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